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N.M.I. - Praying, Discipling, Giving, Educating

What is NMI?

• NMI is the organizational representative of missions for the Church of the  Nazarene on the regional, district, and local levels.
• NMI is the promotional, educational, program, and fund-raising arm of missions.
• NMI is the organization that "provides the structure and spiritual dynamic for mobilizing the church in mission."

What is the purpose of NMI?

NMI Mission Statement:  To mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating.

NMI Objectives:

• To encourage people to pray for all efforts of world evangelization
• To inform people of the world's needs and what the church is doing to meet those needs
• To challenge children and youth to learn about and participate in the mission of the church
• To raise funds for mission outreach

At the Penticton Church of the Nazarene the Nazarene Missions International (NMI) ministry is responsible to bring awareness about the exciting way God is working around the world in Nazarene Missions. A different emphasis each month is used to highlight the numerous and varied world areas that the Church is involved in through missions.

Work and Witness is an important ministry opportunity that is generously and enthusiastically supported by the Penticton Church of the Nazarene.  We have sent teams to South America, Cuba, the Ukraine and most recently to Ethiopia in January/February of 2009.

TricoFoundation: Social Enterprize Winner!

Special Compassionate Ministries Emphasis - Maternity Packs

The maternity pack is sent to 3rd world countries for mothers to have the bare necessities for delivery and after care for their babies. We will collect them and then send them off to be packed into containers going around the world.


Baby: hat, blanket, diaper and pin, disposable pad, onesie, wash cloth, string or gauze

Mom: gown, disposable pad, sanitary napkin, face cloth,towel, scanti pants or underwear, soap, lotion shampoo, hard candy in baggy

All placed in a pillow case and wrapped in a garbage bag

Projects (Click to open an adobe.pdf file):

Maternity menstrual washable pads

Pauline's maternity pad pattern

Pauline's maternity menstrual washable pad 2

Dell Marie Wergeland
Compassionate Resource Warehouse
Warehouse phone: (250) 381-4483
Fax: (250) 479-9312

or you can contact

Barb Taggart
Nazarene Missions International
President for Penticton

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